It Happened on the Air

by JEFF R. LONTO. Beginning in 1992 Twin Cities broadcast historian Jeff R. Lonto has been a contributor of unique, interesting and often hilarious tales about local radio and TV for a renowned broadcast museum in Minnesota. This book is a compilation of those articles, reprinted for the enjoyment of anyone who recalls the call letters, the personalities, the programs and the nostalgia of old time radio and TV in the Twin Cities.
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Legend of the Brewery

by JEFF R. LONTO. Jeff R. Lonto's 1998 book about the history of the Grain Belt brewery is now back in stock and available through Studio Z-7 Publishing.

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Fiasco At 1280

by JEFF R. LONTO. Radio the way it was meant to be--in its AM mono glory. Here's an often amusing, very human inside story of a legendary Midwestern radio station that endured inept management teams, a revolving door of personalities and every format imaginable.
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Chronicles from the Analog Age

by Jeff R. Lonto. Chronicles from the Analog Age is a time capsule filled with relics from the not-so-distant--but in many ways vastly different--past. The Twentieth Century, or more specifically the 1920s through the 1980s when civilization revolved around analog technology. 

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My Brother...He's an Angel

by SAVANNAH L. LEYDE. An uplifting, positive story for children and families who have suffered the loss of a baby through complications during pregnancy.

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