TOM RYTHER had a career in news and sports journalism that spanned 36 years, meeting some amazing people and putting him at the center of big events. Starting in radio, he moved into major market television in St. Louis, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Cleveland, as well as one of the major networks.

Now retired, he tells his story from his humble, working-class beginnings on Hummelsheim Avenue in St. Louis to big-time television and beyond, in a to-the-point, no holds barred style.

THE HUMMELSHEIM KID  is a media history, a sports history and an American history. It includes Forewords by Barry ZeVan the Weatherman, Ron Yary of the Minnesota Vikings and other friends and colleagues of Tom Ryther. 


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Tom Ryther is a truly unique character….with a style all his own….colorful, creative, emotional and always willing to go toe-to-toe with anyone. He is a man of many talents and interests ranging from his feats on the baseball diamond, his success and flair as a TV anchor, to his research and expertise on the life and times of Jesse James. But most of all he has been a loyal and true friend.

Joe Castiglione

Radio voice of the Boston Red Sox

I was fortunate enough to witness Tom Ryther’s Award Winning career in an era when most TV sportscasters focused on features and scores. Ryther wanted, and got real news, not fluff, and that made him required viewing in Minnesota for 20 enlightening years. Wish he were still working…I would still be watching.
Charley Walters
Sports Columnist, St. Paul Pioneer Press

COMING SOON! To be released Spring 2019


The Amazing Story of a Broadcast Journalist

A Memoir by TOM RYTHER

with Jeff R. Lonto, Foreword by BARRY ZeVAN (plus others!)

Softcover, 6"x 9", approx. 110 pages, Price: TBA