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My Brother...He's an Angel
by Savannah L. Leyde

ISBN: 978-0-9660213-1-8, 8.5”x11”, 28 pages, soft cover, color, illustrated
Recommended ages 2 to 10

Studio Z-7 Publishing introduces new author and illustrator Savannah L. Leyde and her first book, My Brother…He’s an Angel, an uplifting, positive story for children and families who have suffered the loss of a baby through complications during pregnancy.

My Brother…He’s an Angel is the story of a little boy who begins a journey of understanding and healing after the unexpected loss of his baby brother. It is written in reflection of a child’s grief, allowing children the opportunity to explore the many ways to express their feelings, ultimately giving them the opportunity to begin the healing process.

My Brother…He’s an Angel also serves as a tool for families to establish communication between parents and their children regarding a loss. “Often times a child’s grief can be overlooked due to their age, and is commonly misconceived as ‘unaware’ of the situation,” says author Savannah Leyde. “Children are very perceptive and have the ability to understand more things than we can imagine.”

A dedicated wife and mother of three, the author experienced her own loss when her second child, a son, was stillborn. My Brother…He’s an Angel is written in from the perspective of her eldest child and how he was able to grieve as part of the family. Savannah Leyde is both author and illustrator, lovingly illustrating her book with characters that resemble the members of her family.

My Brother…He’s an Angel is written with love for her three children, and the many infants that pass away each year due to pregnancy complications or health issues. It is her hope that others who have experienced a loss can find this book to be a useful tool in establishing open communication regarding loss.

"Savannah's book is so sweet and sad. My heart just breaks for her experience and I know her book will help others who suffer the same kind of loss. She sounds like a wonderful person and she is doing very meaningful work."
--Linda Williams Aber, author, "Carrie Measures Up" and over 50 other children's books

"Author/illustrator Savannah Leyde keeps it simple, hones, sweet, and oh so hopeful for those who believe in Heaven and meeting again. This short, yet poignant children’s book gently invites a discussion of feelings between parent and child. Conventional wisdom promotes honest open dialogue with children after a death, including a miscarriage, which helps them on the path to healthy healing. If you or someone you know has a baby die and there are little children in the family, I highly recommend picking up My brother…He’s an Angel as a starting point in the grieving and healing process."
--Sherokee Ilse, author of Empty Arms: Coping with Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Death and 16 other books/booklets on loss