It Happened On The Air
Amusing Stories of Twin Cities Radio-TV History

by Jeff R. Lonto

ISBN 978-0-9660213-5-6, 8.5x5.5, 118 pages, illustrated

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Published in 2007. Beginning in 1992, Twin Cities broadcast historian Jeff R. Lonto has been a contributor of unique, interesting and often hilarious tales about local radio and TV in his “It Happened On the Air” column for the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting, one of the premiere broadcast museums in the United States. This book is a compilation of those articles, reprinted for the enjoyment of anyone who recalls the call letters, the personalities, the programs and the nostalgia of old time radio and TV in the Twin Cities, including…


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How a radio station called WCOW evolved into KDWB
Your old buddy Casey Jones
Dave Moore’s “Bedtime Newz”
The rags to riches story of KMSP-TV Channel 9 
Wolfman Jack’s Minnesota connection
The classical music origins of “Minnesota’s Home of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” KQRS-FM
The legacy of Stanley E. Hubbard and KSTP Radio and Television
The KDWB disc jockey reunion
Censorship on the airwaves
The cartoonist-weatherman of 1950s local TV
The Minnesota Vikings signal-jamming caper
An “underground” radio station in the 1940s
Fifty years of Channel 11
Early FM stereo broadcasting

…and much more. Stay tuned. It Happened On the Air

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