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Located in the heart of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, Studio Z-7 Publishing was founded in 1997, and is a growing independent publisher of books and other media. Read More>

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OLD SNAPSHOTS Volume 1-Quirky Short Stories from Out of the Past (e-book)
by Jeff R. Lonto

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Reader review by ErinBrew:
"The short stories in this collection mostly date back between the 1960s and 1980s – a time that a 30-something like me can only try to imagine, and this author tells it like it is. He not only includes elements that describe the past in great detail, but the relationships are perhaps some that one can also relate to today. But beware, these stories aren't for sensitive, delicate snowflakes!

"...Digging deep into the glorified counterculture of the time, young men and boys taste their first bite of freedom, either in adolescence or college life, and experience what it means to make their own choices. But some of the stories don't really “happen” until a female character enters the scene, disrupting a carefree lifestyle and creating tension. Sometimes men and women just can't relate to one another. Perhaps the author is trying to tell us something about opposite genders in all stages of life."
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TWIN CITIES BROADCASTING IN THE ANALOG AGE-A Presentation for the St. Paul Radio Club Annual Banquet at the University of St. Thomas, April 26, 2014 (e-book)
by Jeff R. Lonto 

2.99 at Smashwords. Take a look and write a review.

Author-historian Jeff R. Lonto's presentation on the history of radio and television that he gave for the St. Paul Radio Club's annual banquet at the University of St. Thomas in 2014. This is the full transcript of his speech, getting into such topics as the early experiments with radio at the University of Minnesota going back to 1912, the origins of legendary radio and TV stations in the Twin Cities, the role Twin Cities stations had in the formation of the big national networks and other interesting topics.
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