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Chronicles from the Analog Age Blog

Alex Bennet in the Sixties 
Posted 8-18-2011.

Storz-ette “The Original Beer for Women 
Posted 8-22-2011.

1964: When Violence Was Fun 
Posted 11-6-2011.

More from ’64: Bad Holiday Hints, A Teenybopper’s Wrath, Penny’s Supermarket 
Posted 11-13-2011.

Smoking Santa Claus, or: Give the Gift of Cigarettes 
Posted 11-26-2011.

BAD OLD ADS: Masterpiece Theatre? 
Posted 12-26-2011.

Politics In Advertising (Non-Partisan Variety) 
Posted 1-8-2012.

The Grain Belt Guys—Where are they now?
Posted 2-24-2012.

Cops vs. reporters, 1970s style 
Posted 4-21-2012.

Richard Dawson and the worst TV special of all-time 
Posted 7-16-2012.

Grain Belt beer punch recipe 
Posted 10-20-2012

Shoppers’ City Story 
Posted 8-29-2013

“Oddities in the News”—from 1910  
Posted 8-31-2013

Television Listings—November 22, 1963 
Posted 11-18-2013.

Barry ZeVan, Tom Ryther and JFK 
Posted 11-20-2013.

Mobile phones—as conceived in 1945 
Posted 4-19-2014

Pierre’s Professional Recipes for the Housewife 
Posted 11-15-2014.

When the Grinch First Stole Christmas 
Posted 12-6-2014.

Who Was the Man on the Gablinger’s Can? Or: The Real ‘Father of Light Beer’  
Posted 4-15-2015.

Posted 7-3-2015

The Destruction of the Hopkins Theater 
Posted 8-9-2015

When Cincinnati Pulled the Plug on Alice Cooper

Posted 10-9-2015

10 Mid-Century Creepy Clown Ads 
Posted 2-20-2016.

7-Up Folklore 
Posted 3-13-2016.

May is National Tavern Month 
Posted 5-1-2016

Fresh-killed chicken  (a look at a 1960s Mobil Oil public service campaign)
Posted 5-25-2016

The Rise and Fall of the 40 ft. Inflatable Hamm’s Bear—a photo essay 
Posted 7-23-2016

The Squirt Soft Drink Subjective Color Acid Test 
Posted 8-8-2016

Facts About Fallout 
Posted 12-25-2016

Mysterious 1960s Korean Pop LP 
Posted 11-17-2017

What Goes Best With a Hot Dog?  (a look at a Continental Can Co. ad campaign from 1940)
Posted 12-2-2017

Fred Is Dead: Recalling Flintstones Bedrock City 
Posted 4-21-2018

Zum-Zum-Zum, a Stein Song 
Posted 5-1-2018

Here’s Billy—Billy Carter’s fifteen minutes of fame 
Posted 8-18-2018

Marijuana In Your Supermarket 
Posted 10-20-2018

Thanksgiving Story, 1948 
Posted 11-18-2018

The 1920s: Birth of the Analog Age 
Posted 12-29-2019