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OLD SNAPSHOTS Vol. 1-Quirky Short Stories From Out of the Past

They say every picture tells a story. Well these thirteen stories develop pictures. Old snapshots from a time that really isn't all that long ago, but now seems far, far away. Faded photographs from yesteryear come to life in the articulate writing style of author Jeff R. Lonto. Find out more >

A Presentation for the St. Paul Radio Club Annual Banquet at the University of St. Thomas, April 26, 2014
by Jeff R. Lonto
Author-historian Jeff R. Lonto's presentation on the history of radio and television in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area that he gave for the St. Paul Radio Club's annual banquet in 2014. He gets into the history of the early stations in the 1920s, the formation of the big networks and the role Twin Cities stations played, into the television era, top-40 radio, FM, all the way to the conversion of television channels to digital. 

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TERROR ALERT: 1970--The Strange Summer of Bomb Threats in Minnesota  by Jeff R. Lonto

In the Summer of 1970 there was a slew of bomb scares in Minnesota. Dynamite blasts at a federal building in Minneapolis and a department store in St. Paul caused serious damage and injuries. That was followed by numerous bomb threats across the region, including one that forced the evacuation of a Twins baseball game. Twin Cities-based historian Jeff R. Lonto recounts that turbulent summer at the height of the Vietnam War era and shows what a completely different world it was 31 years before the 9/11 terror attacks. Find out more >

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 Legend of the Brewery 

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Chronicles from the Analog Age 

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It Happened on the Air

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 Fiasco At 1280 

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