Savannah L. Leyde, Author-Illustrator 

Holding a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Development, Savannah Leyde's love and passion for children extended into her long career as a Professional Licensed Childcare Provider, and for over ten years, she was the proud owner and operator of an award winning Child Care program.  As a self taught freelance photographer and artist with over nine years experience, she is the co-founder and President of Taylored To You, a nonprofit organization which provides Pregnancy After a Loss support, and resources to families who have lost a child through miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death, established to honor the memory of her son and second child, who was stillborn in March of 2007.

Her book, 
My Brother…He’s an Angel, was written with personal reflection of her eldest son and how he was able to grieve as a part of the family, and as an individual. Savannah enjoyed adding a more personal touch to her story, by lovingly illustrating each character to resemble the members of her family. Residing in Minnesota with her husband, Savannah is a proud, stay at home, work from home, home school Mom, to their other three school-age children, Dylan, JennaLee and Caleb. The book was written with love for her four beautiful children, and the many infants that pass away each year due to pregnancy complications, health issues, or other adversities. Her hope is that this book will provide the opportunity for families to establish communication, and adapt and understanding regarding loss, while allowing them to openly embrace and share the memory of a child gone too soon.